Build a Windmill in Georgina for a Sustainable FutureGeorgina Trades Training


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  • To educate rural communities about green energy
  • Provide green, renewable energy

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The "Windmill in Georgina" project is designed around the idea that green energy is possible and is a real solution for the future. Reliance on carbon based fuels is especially critical in rural communities and the idea of a green alternative is severely lacking in these communities. The Windmill is set to be situated between two of the main schools located in Georgina therefore increasing its visibility to students and young adults as well as providing a resource for not only the schools, but the community as a whole, to operate and educate on the Windmill, with a focus on green renewable energies. Such a project will provide a real example to the community thereby reinforcing a green alternative education in today's youth.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 3,500 Excavate
$ 13,500 Windmill
$ 4,000 Workshops & Programming
$ 1,500 Wiring Conduit
$ 500 Permits
$ 2,000 Advertising

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