slow the birthrate and improve the lives of existing feral catsC.A.T. (Cat Assistance Team)


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  • to spay/neuter 200 known ferals
  • to provide food and shelter to 7-plus colonies

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Our HAPPY CAT  program combines strategies to limit population growth while providing warm, dry shelter, clean bedding, and fresh food and water daily to existing feral colonies.

To control the population explosion of stray and feral cats, we employ a safe-trapping strategy, minimizing the time a cat spends in a trap, and ensuring the trap is covered to limit their fear. Cats are promptly taken to one of three area vets where they are examined for health issues, spayed or neutered (altered), given shots to prevent disease, and then released back to their own colony as soon as possible, which we are assured provides the best recovery opportunity for the cats. In the absence of sufficient funds to alter 200 cats at once, on vet advice, we are focussing our efforts on males first, as they will continue to defend their colony from non-fixed males, thus further reducing pregnancies.

With less births, better health, and daily comforts, we are truly making HAPPY CATS.

Community Benefit

*SAFER CLEANER PLAYGROUNDS and parks for children, free of feral cat waste, as well as increased safety for PREGNANT WOMEN whose unborn children are susceptible to disease from exposure to cat feces. *LESS CAR ACCIDENTS or dangerous situations & LESS INJURED ANIMALS due to strays darting across the roads. *LESS KITTENS being brought to the OVERBURDENED WIDSOR ESSEX HUMANE SOCIETY *REPEATABLE PROCESSthat can be used by OTHER COMMUNITIES with simliar problems, with OUR HELP where possible. *development of MORE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS *LESS KITTENS EUTHANIZED *moreSTRAYS FINDING HOMES as they become comfortable with daily human contact *LESS DISEASE among colonies of cats, leading to LESS SPREAD TO DOMESTICATED PETS. *DECREASING POPULATIONof strays over time, making Amherstburg CLEANER and MORE ATTRACTIVE.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: At an average cost (based on a blend of female and male cats) of $150 per altering with shots, this grant will not allow for all 200 cats to be done, nor provide the 'creature comforts'. We continue to fundraise and accept donations to provide food and shelter and spay/neuter the remaining animals.
$ 10,000 towards the altering of 200 feral cats

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