Develop a powerful web based crime fighting tool for the public. Brian Patel


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Cycle 1


  • Encourage the public to get involved and report crime
  • Bringing together crime fighting agencies and the general public
  • Communicate information gatheto the appropriate law enforcement agency


The recognizes that crime remains a top public concern.  We are focused on bringing together crime fighting agencies and the general public so that together we can prevent and reduce crime. 

This will happen by developing a powerful crime prevention tool based on a custom content management system (CMS) that works as a collaborative application for managing documents and other information sources to help identify and fight crime.

In today's complex environment we need to identify trends quickly and be able to communicate that information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Our systems was designed to be web based and provide secure access 24x7. Our crime fighting tool  includes advanced search, indexing, integrated workflow, document versioning, image management, and other features that allow improved collaboration and communication between stakeholders to help build safer neighbourhood and communities.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: In kind contributions: Administration Accounting Research and Development Sales / Account Management Network Operations Content Development Consultation with Law Enforcement
$ 4,500 Custom Computer Programming
$ 3,500 Website Development
$ 1,000 Secure Web hosting/Domain Name
$ 1,000 Marketing and Promotions including a Multimedia Promotional Video

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