help elementary schools in Brampton build Arts Programscardinal newman elementary school


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Cycle 1


  • Arts Program
  • new gym equipmet


have always loved my  elementary school. Everything i know  now, i learned from there . It is truly an amazing place.Our last principal left our school with huge debts.So as a graduating class we didn't receive anything. i want to change that. I want to build an  Arts program or do something for the kids there that they can remember. We have NOOO EQUIPMENT for gym becasue we simply cant afford it. I maen little kids, need that inorder to enjoy the one class they can surely excel in.

Speaking of th Arts Program, it got cancelled in our school. We used to have one but i don't know what exacly happened to it.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 equiptment and adding to the previous arts program

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