Organize an undergraduate student-run Symposium on HispaniolaGlendon Hispaniola Symposium Committee


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  • Create discussion on the topic of Hispaniola
  • Provide an accessible and affordable educational conference
  • Provide a conference with academic and cultural components

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"Transcending the Border: Dialogues on the Challenges of Hispaniola" is a conference entirely conceived, organized and managed by undergraduate students. Our group has chosen to focus on the island of Hispaniola, which encompasses Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The full day conference, taking place on March 5th 2011, provides a forum for academic, diplomatic and professional discussions on important political, economic and social issues between Hispaniola and the world. There will be one Keynote speaker in addition to six panels. Panel topics include Cultural Expression & Religion; Gender, Development & Human Rights; Environmental Issues; Interstate Relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti; Hispaniola and the World; and Post-Earthquake analysis. There will also be two performances to display both Haitian and Dominican culture. 

This Symposium will bring together some of the brightest minds from the region to share their expertise on the topic of Hispaniola.

Community Benefit

Various members of the community will benefit from the Glendon Symposium on Hispaniola. Students will be able to attend this day-long conference at a discounted rate. They will be able to enjoy cultural performances and partake in academic discussions as well as networking and interaction with panelists and other delegates. Also, the general public will be able to attend the Symposium and expand their knowledge on the topic of Hispaniola. The conference will also benefit members of the Haitian and Dominican Diasporas by shedding light on their origins and culture. Additionally, the panelists (local, national and international) speaking at the conference will be afforded the opportunity to interact with one another and present their works on the island of Hispaniola. Overall, this conference will benefit all those who attend by providing academic and cultural insight into Hispaniola all while encouraging undergraduate scholarship and promoting international awareness.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The cost of the Glendon Hispaniola Symposium Committee's Field Research Trip and their Publication, encompassing their research essays and the conference proceedings, will not be covered by the grant. Administrative costs are kept low and the students involved receive no compensation for their work.
$ 5,000 Panelist Travel
$ 2,000 Panelist Accommodation
$ 1,500 Translator Cost
$ 1,500 Moderator Cost

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