Help Homeless TeensLanai


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Cycle 1


  • Helping Homeless Teens Find Apts
  • A place for young people to stay for a couple nights


I would like to have a downpayment for a medium sized house, that I can involve those who need a place to stay in helping fix up to make a home for those who are hard on their luck. This house would be a place they can call home until they find a job and are able to pay their 1st months rent. They would be assisted in finding an apartment as well. It is very hard to get a job unless you have a permanent address, and if you live on the streets, it is hard to save up to get a place even if you can find a job.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: the budget wont be covering clothing, electronics, or further payments.
$ 10,000 Downpayment on a home
$ 10,000 possible repairs and food and transit for residents
$ 5,000 advertising to help maintain the place

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