Install and maintain an elevator at Hospice Niagara. Hospice Niagara


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  • Install an elevator in The Stabler Centre


The Stabler Centre is where Hospice Niagara operates its programs and services. The facility is used by community groups, volunteers and staff. 

The lower level houses the children and youth bereavement support rooms, a staff lunch room, a volunteer crafting/meeting room, and two fully accessible washrooms.

All equipment, documents and furnishings for storage have to be transported by the stairs to the storage areas. Currently the only access to these rooms are by stairs.

An elevator installed in The Stable Centre will help alleviate the concern of access to the lower level rooms. There will be equal opportunity for all client's to participate in all the programs offered. There will be lower risk of injury from slips/falls, especially for staff that no longer have to carry large items for storage.

The lower level access will mean even greater use of the available space at the Centre and not impede on the quality of care for the residents and their families.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 50,053 purchase and install elevator
$ 3,852 electrical work for elevator installation
$ 847 contract work for elevator installation
$ 25,000 elevator service contracts for several years

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