Improve the apartment units in the Parrainage Civique Drummond (Drummond civic sponsorship) building. Parrainage Civique Drummond


Competed in
Cycle 1


  • Improve our units for overnight respites


- Currently, we can only offer day respites in our domicile. In order to offer overnight respites, we would need to improve our apartment units. We know that this is an important need for families with children who have intellectual deficiencies. Our organization has met with partners, with parents, etc., on a regular basis. We lack the resources to help families have a little rest.

- We have earned a solid reputation within our community thanks to the quality of our services.

- As of 2009-2010, our organization has 144 members and growing.

- For a few weeks now, we’ve been raising funds to be able to do these renovations: $10,000 has been received

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Renovate the housing unit in our building

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