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Build a Community Center for a Brighter Future in York RegionHumanity First


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  • To engage the community in health, educational and recreational acti
  • To promote volunteerism and participation of diverse communities
  • To provide guidance and counseling to new comers, youth and families
  • To coordinate programs to promote respect for women and eradicate ab
  • To hold workshops to effectively counter social issues and problems

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Humanity First is building a neighborhood-based community centre in the heart of a multi-cultural community, which will provide social, educational, and recreational, sports and health programs and counseling services to a priority neighbourhood in the city of Vaughan. Programs include: Sports Activities, Tutoring Classes, Professional Training Workshops and Counseling.

The proposed project will create opportunities and will involve hundreds of youth and diverse members of the community in a positive contribution to Canadian society. This project will refresh and assist a wide spectrum of people that includes members from a multi-cultural community, new immigrants, youth, women and senior citizens, enabling them to grow and benefit as individuals and as a community.

The vision of this project is to create meaningful and continuous change within a fast growing neighborhood, specifically through the comprehensive social programs that will be offered through this community centre.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover building or construction costs for the Humanity First Community Center. The Refresh Grant amount will be used for the implementation of the programs, along with operational and capital costs.
$ 45,000 Informational Workshops
$ 10,000 Language Programs
$ 35,000 Recreational & Sports Activities
$ 10,000 Volunteer Training Program

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