Save the Mohawk Language and Culture, Karihwanoron Mohawk ImmersionJoely van Dommelen


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  • to teach children our traditional Language and Culture



To provide a classroom in a home like setting providing ten children ages 2 and 3 years the opportunity to learn their traditional Language and Culture which has been lost over the past few decades through years of residential schools.
It is time we regain the knowledge. Through our young children this will be done.

We will provide "a mother" and a "father" in a home type setting to speak at all times in our Language while doing ordinary dailly hands on activities with these ten children.
This is the way our ancestors learned our Language and Culture. Today, we will mimick our ancestors in order to have a chance to revive our Language.

Daily activities include singing and dancing, cooking healthy meals, routine cleaning, planting, learning traditional medicines, arts and crafts and childrens games. many outdoor play and learning.

Completely in the Mohawk Language

Community Benefit

The community of Kahnawake and other Mohawk communities who may send their children to this program will benefit as their children will have an early headstart with reviving our Language and Culture. Parents of the children in our program will have an understanding and will begin to continue in their homes as well as seek other program to have their children continue.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 to hire two Mohawk speakers for a period of 42 weeks plus supplies

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