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  • provide support and promotion of cultural activities
  • Provide a community based centre of excelence for the Arts and Design.
  • Unify dance, drama, visual art, craft, design, literary art
  • Feature Arts resource space providing books, materials, Arts listings

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The Kingston Centre forArts and Design (KCAD) will be a Cultural Centre which will provide and support education in the Arts and Design and promote awareness of the availability of education and experiences in these as they exist and evolve within the community.

KCAD will be: non-profit, educational, cummunity based, family-oriented and tourism friendly Cultural Centre. It will build partnerships with the Limestone district School board, St Lawrence College, Kingstons many galleries and studios and a wealth locally based artrs organisations.

In its proposed location in downtown Kingston, KCAD will provide a means through which the vibrance of Springer Market Square can realize it's full potential as a Cultural Centre for community and arts events. In this way KCAD will become a year round 'site of destination' serving the city as an ambasador of the Arts.

Community Benefit

KCAD will house a large community gallery, providing space for ehibits of the work of all grade levels of students studying the Arts with in the Kingston school systems. The gallery will present works that represent the many galleries, studios and artists in our community as well as providing a space for live performances by musicians, writers, actors and dancers. A Gallery Shop will sell art, crafts and design produced by the centre's many participants. KCAD will be home to a "Central Information Center" for the Arts and Design. This information and meeting space will provide its visitors with a comprehensive view of events within the Kingston Arts and Design community. An "Events studio" will function as a cultural space for workshops, designed and delivered by KCAD's member organisations. The Events Studio will also be used as an educational destination for field trip-based, specialized training in in the Arts and Design for school-aged students.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 50,000 opporational costs
$ 50,000 Administrative salary of 2 people

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