The LAB: support socially alienated youths through art and music.Le LAB / CIPTO


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  • Offer a place of inclusion, expression and creation
  • Offer an alternative to consuming
  • Offer opportunities of empowerment to regain power
  • Democratize the arts for a marginal population
  • Reduce the prejudice between marginal youths and the community

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The LAB provides access to a space of creation and a music room for young adults who are drug dependent or at risk of drug abuse, homelessness and social alienation. Thanks to arts, people who visit the LAB get a chance of achieving success, they are empowered and they can build a support network.

Although it was recognized in 2005 by the National homelessness strategy in Canada and by the community in general, the LAB faces difficulties since certain funders favor a traditional approach. To keep its doors open, the LAB needs the support of the Pepsi Refresh project.


Community Benefit

The LAB is one of the very few projects that welcome young adults with all the challenges that they face (drug abuse, homelessness, poverty, social alienation, mental illnesses, employment issues, etc.). It meets the shortages of a system that largely deals with the issues in silos and it support their artistic and social approaches. The model of intervention through the arts of the LAB has the advantage of being non-threatening and reaches young marginal adults through their interests, taking into account their reality. By offering flexible monitoring that adapts to each person’s rhythm, the project acts on the obstacles that push youths with a need to let go of the system or to refuse monitoring in which aid was proposed to them. The LAB therefore wants to be a transmission belt between the needs of young adults targeted, available resources and their inclusion within the community.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 60,000 Expenses related to the space
$ 30,000 Salary for a socio-artistic intervener
$ 10,000 Expenses for artistic material and musical instruments

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