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  • Set up and run a language nest at a pilot site
  • Use the pilot project to generate resources and materials
  • Turn the resources into a do-it-yourself starter kit
  • Provide the materials to other day cares who want to start a language

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As the world becomes more integrated, speaking a second language will become more important for our children. A "language nest" is a daycare run entirely in a second language. This immersion-based approach to early childhood education will teach a child an entirely new language, reconnect a child to their cultural roots, or even revitalize a dying language.

A proven concept in New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii, language nests expose young children to a language they would not otherwise experience.

With this $25,000 grant, an existing daycare will be chosen as a pilot site where we will develop learning plans and activities, as well as test out existing toys and materials. The resources we develop during the pilot project will build a do-it-yourself starter kit" that will show other daycares how to run their own nests in any language they choose.

This small grant will be the catalyst for planting many more seeds across Canada - certainly a worthwhile and economical investment!

Community Benefit

Language preservation and revival: Not only can children learn a new language, languages in danger of disappearing altogether can be revived through the next generation. Community and family cohesion: Children will be able to communicate with parents and grandparents, especially if they still live overseas. Early childhood education: The benefits of speaking multiple languages is well documented, so children in the program stand to benefit from the extra linguistic development. Linguistic and cultural tolerance: Parents with children from other cultural backgrounds are encouraged to enrol their young ones. This is a great opportunity to teach tolerance to the next generation. Promotion of local small businesses: Independently run day homes and daycare facilities will have another venue to advertise their services, plus will be able to offer a competitive advantage by becoming a certified Language Nest.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget is the initial investment required to set up the Language Nest as an ongoing venture. After this grant, the program will be sustained through membership fees and merchandise sales.
$ 10,500 Child educator/research assistant
$ 3,000 Website development and promotion
$ 2,000 Translation budget
$ 1,000 Printing budget
$ 500 Budget for toys, books, materials
$ 8,000 Administrative costs

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