The Éponyme Relief:Promoting school retention amongst youthAnnick Monger


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  • Enable yound people to discover a passion.
  • Provide young people technical training
  • Offer young people with a risk dropping out, a suitable program
  • Work with Longueuil secondary schools.
  • Youth will discover career opportunities

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Our installation is a great place for young people to practice physical ctivities.  We have arranged a place where they can get to know and trust each other.  We treat every young person with respect and we want him/her to feel privileged and believe in his/her capabilities.   It is clear that encouraging retention of young people by using technology is a winning strategy.  However, technology changes so fast that we must renew our equipment if we want our work to be relevant to young people. It will give them a sense of satisfaction and pride as well as trust in their ability to succeed. We organize sound recording, video editing and photography workshops


Community Benefit

This project allows young people to develop a host of personal and social skills, taking responsibility, social consciousness, teamwork, self confidence, interest in a trade, a desire to set new targets for oneself, a dream and a sense of value are but a few. In addition to acquiring personal and social skills and tools to promote their development, young people become multipliers in their communities. Promotion of the activities created by young people will ensure that they are heard in the community and it also improves their image. It will also play an advocacy role with other young people, parents and the community, it will provide a sense of value (on a personal and collective basis) and motivation to continue the project. The novelty here is the link between the school and the community.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 20,000 Purchase of equipment
$ 35,000 Project Manager and youth monitoring
$ 40,000 Technical trainer
$ 2,000 Mileage
$ 1,000 Animation
$ 2,000 Gala

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