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send inner city, learning disabled kids to specialized summer campLearning Disabilities Association of BC - Vancouver Chapter


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  • send 72 children with social deficits to specialized summer camp
  • improve self-esteem and social functioning
  • decrease incidence of peer rejection
  • increase in community connections and established relationships
  • raise $25,000 to subsidize fees for all camp participants

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The "Urban Summer Camp" project provides a specialized camp experience for the socially isolated child aged 8 to 14. The focus will be on providing children who have social deficits and other invisible disabilities i.e. learning disabilities, ADHD and high functioning autism with specific skill instruction and a safe, recreational setting where they can practice the skills they have learned. For most children basic social skills i.e. turn taking, initiaing coversation is acquired quickly and easily. For others this process can be much more difficult and they require direct instruction. At Urban Summer Camp children learn to develop friendships, strengthen self-esteem and social skills through outdoor recreation and experential education. Camps run Monday to Friday starting July 4 to August 12; five weeks of day camp and one week of overnight camp. A 3 to 1 ratio will be provided.

Community Benefit

Peer rejection in childhood often brings with it serious emotional difficulties. Rejected children are frequently discontent with themselves and with their relationships with other children. Many of these children experience strong feelings of loneliness and social dissatisfaction. Rejected children also report lower self-esteem and may be more depressed than other children. Peer rejection is also predictive of later life problems, such as dropping out of school, juvenile delinquency, and mental health problems. Working in partnership with Van Tech Community Schools Team, Strathcona Community Centre and Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre we will be targeting the inner city, at-risk socially isolated child. Many of the families we serve are low income and can not afford to send their child to a specialized camp. The requested amount will subsidize the fee for those who can not pay. Children regardless of their financial status should be able to receive the help they require.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 subsidize fee for 72 camp participants

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