give our tired old school library a much needed boost!St. Rose Elementary School - Windsor


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  • Rejuvenate our old/tired library into a place our kids want to be!

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Our plan is to rejuvenate our lacklustre library into something in keeping with the energy and enthusiasm of our little school (we were in the top 5 academically-ranked schools in Windsor/Essex County based on 2009/10 scores!!).  Our school teems with creativity, caring, and coolness but our library definitely is not in keeping with the vibe throughout the rest of the building.  It is screaming out for a boost to help foster our kid's love of reading!

In keeping with good environmental practises, we will reuse as many existing hard goods as possible (putting funky laminate tops on existing tables, reuse of existing shelving) and use mostly volunteer labour (painting, etc) for the revamp but we plan to replace all of the chairs with reading-friendly chairs at the tables.  We also plan to purchase fun carpets to put over the lineoleum for the younger kids to sit on for reading time and some big bright chunky/comfy furniture to make the room a place the kids want to be in.

Community Benefit

The revamp of our library will provide a much-needed boost to the very heart of our school - our library! We are a small school in Windsor (300 students), with a very active school community and a ton of spirit, but we could use a little money to help us along the way. Our fundraising through the Parent Council has helped plant trees in our schoolyard, purchase equipment for the school, etc, but replacing all of the chairs in the library, purchase of carpets and comfy/fun furniture, and recovering the tables would take a very long time to pay for on our own and would detract from all the other things we must cover on a yearly basis.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 4,000 replace all chairs;purchase couches/chairs;purchase carpets
$ 1,000 relaminate table tops/purchase paint for walls/hardcover books

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