educate 150 000 students about taking action on climate change. Lights Out Canada


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Cycle 1


  • To inspire students to take action on climate change!
  • To reach over 150 000 students in 2011
  • To collect 500 commitments to actions and publish them online
  • For the Lights Out Team to do 30 presentations in 2010-2011


Lights Out Canada equips teachers and students with information, resources and ideas on how to take action on climate change in their schools, homes and communities. Participants are not only provided with a scientific backgrounder on climate change (that has been edited by Dr. Andrew Weaver, leading author of the IPCC 2007 Report on Climate Change), but also a plethora of ideas for projects that students can take on themselves.

Over 122 000 students participated in 2010 and our goal is to break this record by reaching 150 000 students in 2011. We will collect 500 commitments to action from students and publish them on an interactive website.

Because we are a project by youth for youth, we have received significant media coverage in the past, including: CTV, GlobalTV, CBC Radio, Radio-Canada, Times & Transcript, Alive Magazine (to name a few) along with support from organizations such as Earth Day Canada, 2DegreesC, the David Suzuki Foundation and Adventure Ecology.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,000 Coordinator (phone bills, etc)
$ 12,000 Web development and graphic design
$ 6,000 Printing and mailing costs
$ 2,000 Travel for presentations and speaking engagements

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