launch clothing line that promotes self confidence/ self esteem. Sara Woldai


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  • Launch ME! Clothing Line


No two people are the same but for some reason, society expects everyone to act and look the same. When one meets another that acts or looks differently, society considers them strange. They are usually the ones left out and abandoned. You can spot them out in the lunchrooms or in the classrooms. They are the ones that are quiet and usually keep to themselves. They lack self-esteem/ confidence and are usually bullied. It's time to change that! Enough is enough.  

That's why I came up with the idea of launching my own clothing line called "ME!". Sometimes we feel insecure about the things that make us different. I want people to embrace their differences and quirky habits. With ME! I want to promote self-esteem, confidence and individuality. This is not just a clothing line but I want this to be a movement.

I want this to go beyond my city (Toronto)! I hope to do this through advertising/media and the internet. This is a message that needs to be feed worldwide and I'm ready!  

Community Benefit

Society always tells us what we should do, say, act like, look like but its time we promote self acceptance. We are unique individuals and communities all over could benefit from our talents if we are not afraid to show them. I want to help build stronger individuals and abolish the shame that comes from self hate. I believe if people love themselves more, bullying will decrease in communities, schools etc. Suicides will decrease. Fear will decrease. Love will increase.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 Start up costs, design, printing, website,promotions/advertising,staff

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