The opening of a new type of school for 15-17 year olds: MFR of FjordMaison Familiale Rurale du Fjord


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  • Counter school dropout among youths from 15-17 years old
  • Create jobs in the area
  • Counter the exodus of young people towards big cities
  • Secure labour from local entrepreneurs
  • Ensure continuity of the town's secondary school services

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The MFR of Fjord project proposes a new concept in education by alternating between work (2 weeks in training), studies (2 weeks in a boarding school) and practical pedagogy. The students will have a memorable experience living in a house with others who are similar to themselves and where they will have to share their daily lives. They will be offered evening activities (sports, cultural activities, etc) in order to help them discover new interests. The MFR of Fjord will establish its headquarters at the Petite Ecole de l'Anse-Saint-Jean community centre where connections will be made with community organizations that already exist. In addition, this new type of school will offer individual support, which will meet the particular needs of the students.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This subsidy will enable us to furnish the 12 double rooms where the students will stay once they are attending the boarding school. It will also allow the MFR of Fjord to purchase kitchen accessories, as well as a refrigerator and a freezer.
$ 6,800 Purchasing 24 mattresses for the boarding school
$ 3,000 Purchasing 12 commodes for the rooms
$ 2,000 Purchasing a refrigerator and a freezer
$ 2,400 Purchasing the bed linen for 24 beds
$ 3,000 Purchasing the kitchen materials
$ 2,000 Purchasing 12 wardrobe cabinets for the bedrooms
$ 2,500 Purchasing 12 desks for the rooms
$ 3,300 Purchasing accessories for the rooms

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