Mikazine, collection of voices of French-speaking Canadian girls.Mikazine


Competed in
Cycle 1


  • 1,000 readers
  • Each of the 1,000 readers contributes a work to the magazine
  • Set up a kiosk for 10 days to properly promote Mikazine


The Mikazine project helps teeanaged Francophone girls find their voice and to share their story using media communication such as writing texts and poems, drawing, photography and video recording.

We encourage our readers to contribute to the magazine by creating a work for it. They will be motivated to do so not only because of the monetary rewards, but also because of the fact that their work can be discovered by other teenagers.

To promote Mikazine, we will set up, for several days, an interactive kiosk in a well-located area where you can find Francophone girls interested in the project. Here you will find information about our team, as well as the works created by and for teenagers.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,500 1,000 copies of the magazine
$ 1,000 Mikazine kiosk (10 weeks, one per week)
$ 1,000 Mailing the magazine to readers
$ 500 Price to justify the creation of content for the magazine

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