utilize a collaborative wiki for innovative community work. Millennium Network


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Cycle 1


  • To improve the design and user friendliness the M-Port wiki
  • To have a robust community of bilingual contributors and editors gen
  • To have a wide readership of individual changemakers and organizations
  • To develop a system to track the impact of best practice sharing thr
  • To enhance the volunteering experience, encourage people to not only

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As the internet moves to “2.0 programming” power is being pushed out to the edges of networks like ours.  Networks that seek member driven content and collaboration on community problems are much more adaptable to the needs of society and are able to grow learn from the experiences of exponentially more people. 

The M-Port is a mediawiki based bilingual site that contains almost 200 articles reflecting the knowledge, experience, successes failures and stories of our members’ community and international work.  M-port will be a self moderating and self replicating resource that is used by all parts of the Network to dream up inspiration for new community solutions, learn from our collective experiences and share new knowledge gained through these experiences. The wiki will also study the impact of shared best practices and experiences on community initiatives. 

How will the $100K be used?

$ 40,000 Year-long strategy development and execution
$ 10,000 Web design and development costs
$ 10,000 Training material development
$ 15,000 Local champion training
$ 5,000 Incentives for content
$ 7,000 Bilingual support
$ 13,000 • development and execution of impact assessment

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