Create a children's summer mobile program in local parks for 2011.Boys and Girls Summer Club: A Mobile Program


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Cycle 1


  • To provide mobile programming in an outdoor environment (e.g. parks)
  • To promote and encourage a healthier lifestyle by providing nutrition.
  • To diminish any barriers that children may face: transportation, costs
  • To create a safe and nurturing environment for children.
  • To foster children in their development of positive character-building

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The Mobile Boys and Girls Summer Club Project is failry unique in its concept of being "mobile". By buying cargo trikes, we would be able to harbour all of our equipment, arts and crafts, games, etc. needed to bring to the local parks and facilitate creatively-themed programming that focus on development (CSI-problem solving, Survivor-youth leadership, etc.).

The program would be provided at no cost to underpriviliged children who can't afford costly memberships or day camps, face barriers of transportation or fail to meet an eligibility criteria.

If the project is granted, we could hire summer students to act as "Park Coordinators" and facilitate the activities and create more jobs. If agencies or local school boards take an interest and act as hosts, hub locations can be created and we could use the locations as main bases for training and storing the trikes.

In a time of cutbacks and loss of valuable programs, it could be what the community needs.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Wages and training, other unexpected costs like for using public spaces (fees for daily events/activities), insurance costs, First Aid & CPR training, First Aid Supplies, uniforms (shirts).
$ 5,000 Nutritional Snacks
$ 500 Arts and Crafts Supplies
$ 15,500 To Purchase 5 Cargo Trikes
$ 250 Sports and Game Equipment
$ 200 Bicycle helmets and safety gear
$ 3,550 Expense costs of field trips

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