Mosaic Street Festival ~Celebrating Multiculturalism in Chatham Kent~ Adult Language and Learning


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  • To encourage Multiculturalism within Chatham-Kent
  • To advertise local busineses and service providers
  • To facilitate a venue where all cultures and talents can be showcased
  • To promote Chatham- Kent
  • To create awareness of services providers available in Chatham-Kent

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Our proposal is to hold an unique event that showcases various cultures through art, food, music, dance, and activities geared towards families. This one-day event will celebrate diversity and will invite people from a variety of backgrounds to enjoy the delights of the world’s cultures.

Our intention is to have booths-lined street , with the aroma of foods, spices and coffee, the event will include local live entertainment, as well as performances from cultural dance and music groups. Also included would be local service groups, artists, photographers, food/artisan vendors, children’s activities and off site family focused events.

Community Benefit

The Mosaic Street Festival will be the first of its kind in Chatham- Kent - engaging citizens, local business, and service groups. We plan to offer festival patrons a chance to experience the world in their own backyard. We envision wonderful activities that will bring the community together and attract others to discover our beautiful central municipality, its diversity and multiculturalism We intend to include and represent all of the cultures present in Chatham-Kent Assist local businesses in promoting their services and products Building a stronger community bond Allow Chatham-Kent to have a family orientated cultural celebration

How will the $25K be used?

$ 3,000 Advertising and promotion
$ 15,000 Performer and Entertainment
$ 3,000 Permit and Licences
$ 4,000 Equipment rentals

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