furnish a youth room for youth residing with us at our shelter. Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region - Anselma House


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  • To help women and children move beyond violence

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Women's Crisis Services is currently building a new Anselma House. In the new shelter we would like to have a Youth Room. Youth seem to have an especially difficult time coming to the shelter and we want to make a space for them to hang out, have fun. The support we can offer these youth during their stay will help to ensure that they have the necessary tools to move forward allowing them to be the best they can later in life; which will help to build a stronger community. They will:

  • learn that violence is not their fault and not acceptable. By enhancing their self-esteem they will be better prepared to make healthier peer choices.
  • learn how to more effectively manage conflict. A decrease in the manifestation of aggressive behaviors is likely as well as a reduction in youth criminal activity.
  • learn appropriate ways of interacting with others. Positive attitudes, better mental, physical and emotional health, and improved success at school will be realized.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: the budget will include furniture, games and activities as well as lighting and artwork. It will not include the cost of the structure.
$ 25,000 to furnish a youth room

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