Provide a playground/safe play area for New World Island Academy NWIA Playground Committee


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  • To acquire playground equipment for our play area.


We have been able to  fundraise enough money to erect a fence around the designated play area in our school yard. We are now looking into laying the proper ground cover for this area. We hope to soon be able to purchase and erect some playground equipment for our students to use. This has been an ongoing project that has unfortunately slow moving since the proper playground equipment is very costly. We are a K-12  school in rural Nl that has students from 21 different communities. These are all small communities that have no playgrounds of their own. A playground in this central area would serve to benefit the children during their school day as well as for the communities as a whole. With today's emphasis on the need for physical activity in our youth, a play area, such as this, would be greatly appreciated, used and needed. We continue to fundraise to this goal. Funding such as this would provide our committee with a much needed boost in the right direction.

Community Benefit

This project would benefit the children of Summerford and all surrounding commumities as well. Even though it will be constructed on school grounds it will also be a community playground to be used by both school aged children and pre school children alike, both during and after school hours. Children need this opportunity to 'play', to be physically active, to get outside and to experience positive peer interactions. It will be a playground that helps to unite friends, families and communities.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This money will not cover the cost of labor to erect this equipment. We do however have a group of volunteers who will be responsible for this task.
$ 10,000 purchase of playground equipment

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