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  • to provide students with the project supplies needed to do a project.
  • To give 610 kits priced at $25-30 theeasturn school distrct forschools


Thisprogram specializes in assisting students who findit challenging topurchase school project supplies Youngpeople have started to notice anumber of things the first being that in some subjects, school projects are generally worth a fair portion of the student’s grade Secondly teachers like, and look for visually pleasing projects.  Thirdly although astudent may be very creative itdoes cost money to get the project started  Its estimated that it takes about $25.00-$30.00 toget a project started The Wboards teachers oftensuggest touse are an averagecost of$11.00alone Passion for Projects will give students tohave the starting tools to create great projects Great projects mean interested students and interested students meansuccess We use Passion For Projects PFP Kits these kitsinclude WDisplay Boards colored pencils Bristol Board Markers Construction paper crayons Binders scissors Lettering Stencilswe give these to students who need itmost 

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: We need to rent a truck to get supplies from place to place. so the rental of the truck will not be in the budget of project given to us by pepsi.
$ 5,000 to purchase school project supp lies

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