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  • To hold a fundraiser to generate $20000 for maintenance of the program
  • To increase public and media awareness of the program

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  "A black-tie affair" will be a fundraiser that will combine two ideas that our not-for-profit organization has wanted to do for a long while. The first, a fundraiser to generate more capital to solidify the sustainablity of our organization, as well as to raise awareness of our organization in the city. Invitations will be given to past and present volunteers, members of the media, as well as past and present sponsors (we have received some pepsi funds through the years). The second would be to honour the founders and pioneers of this program who have put years toward the program.  Peter Bruer, Robin Sacks, and the late Dr. Francelia Butler all have helped to bring this program to where it is today. By honouring these people we can also illustrate our 12-year history to everyone who is in attendence. 

*a formal attire charity event with a minimum of 250 attendees
*a silent auction, as well as a "wishing well" to aid in donations
*a video history

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: We have a Trillium of roughly $10000 grant STRICTLY for expansion. We cannot use it for anything else except for expansion of the program into other universities or cities.
$ 7,000 Venue, food and decorations
$ 2,000 Classroom Supplies
$ 1,000 To help with the costs of the Annual Peace Festival

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