Pennies for Pasta: establish a pasta house for the poor in MontrealGarner Irwin


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  • To feed those in need and give them a more positive outlook and experi

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Pennies for Pasta is an idea for a pasta house open to the many people and families who suffer from hunger. Pasta is known as a good source of endurance and contains many nutrients which we need in our everyday lives. It will give them what they need to survive and continue looking for employment or help with their problems. Too many people are shuffled to the side because they are in need and do not have money. They are made to line up and eat what they are given. Pennies for Pasta will give the "dining" experience to the customer. For a small charge of $2 a less fortunate person can enter the establishment and sit at a table, be served by a waiter or waitress choose a beverage (pepsi, 7up etc) read a small menu basically choosing between 2 or 3 items ie: penne, spaghetti, fusilli in choice of sauce: tomato or meat sauce or even florentine. I have spoken to several distributors who have offered to donate, pasta, cans of tomatoes and bread to aid in the cause.

Community Benefit

The hope is to restore confidence and give the people a feeling of importance and this will hopefully transform into more job hunting and belief in the fellow man. To dissolve classes and make one and all feel equal.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: budget does not cover labour which will all be volunteers as well as the majority of the food will be donated. Advertising will mainly be done by volunteers for flyers and posters, some printing and paper purchases will be covered.
$ 10,000 restaurant equipment ie: pasta boiler, range and fridges as well some
$ 7,000 location, for tables, chairs,decor, cutlery etc and some advertising
$ 8,000 operating capital: 2 months rent plus utilities

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