Grow healthy community foods without chemical use.Eric


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  • Build and grow gardens on local resident properties without chemicals.


The main goal of building gardens on peoples properties is to show that we can do it ourselves without relying on industries and big farming industries. If this project builds atleast 10-20 gardens on peoples properties, neighbours will find it is a good idea and will tag along. The advantages of building gardens in your community is:
-Reduce chemical use on foods keeping you healthy without harsh chemicals.
-Reduce gas emmisions from transportation from big industries.
-Who doesn't like fresh produce? I know I like fresh carrots picked out of the garden.

One or more persons can complete the job while on schedule. I personally have good farming experience which hopefully help grow good crops.
Nutritional value in home grown produce is higher than those in groceries. PLus you've grown it yourself! you couldn't be any prouder.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 3,563 Bags of soil, seeds and fertiliser.

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