1 new diving board for each one of the diving clubs in QuebecPlongeon Québec


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  • Give a new diving board to each of our 25 clubs
  • Allow more clubs to host competitions
  • Offer better training conditions to our young divers
  • Increase security within our clubs’ installations
  • Enable our clubs to save several thousands dollars

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Our project will allow athletes from 25 clubs to benefit from a new diving board. These boards are very expensive and few clubs can replace them when needed. For safety reasons, some must put their diving boards to disuse and can't afford new ones. 

Thanks to your energy and your votes that will help us  win the contest, the project will help 1,500 top athletes and developing athletes, 100 trainers along with thousands of youths and adults who come to free swimming periods. 

The $100,000 will help us to better find and motivate the new Alexandre Despatie and the new Emilie Heymans and to pursue the tradition of excellence of Plongeon Québec.

Community Benefit

First class installations, enhanced security, access to a larger number of athletes and participants, spreading the pleasure of diving spread across Québec.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 Purchase of 20-25 diving boards

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