Using photography to help the grieving process with terminal newbornsBrandy Jackson


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Cycle 4


  • Give families professional keepsake photographs of their dying babies
  • teach others photography and expland the volunteer program.

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Project Summary:

I would like to offer families stricken with terminal newborns a free photography service to capture the small time they have with their baby.

This will be an in-hospital shoot that will show another side of the newborns so parents have additional photographs to remember their children.

I also hope to teach, and recruit other photographers to volunteer in this program so more families can be reached.


Families will recieve a personal photoshoot in the hospital or home if possible
- A photo CD complete with un-marked images for printing and sharing
- Compassion and understanding of the grieving process through photographs.

Community Benefit

Giving families great images of their babies is a gift that will be cherished forever.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Prints- To cover the cost of printing images for families, estimate only, any money not used on equiptment will be put towards printing. Photography equiptment- basic set-up used for teaching purposes. Volunteers will use there own photography equiptment. Advertising-Posters, website hosting.
$ 3,000 Printing
$ 1,500 Equiptment
$ 500 Advertising

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