build a wheelchair accessible, sensory stimulating school playground.Prince Philip School Playground Committee


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  • To build a wheelchair accessible playground.
  • To buy equipment that is sensory stimulating for students with autism.
  • Provide an inclusive play environment for all children.
  • Provide a fun and safe place to play.
  • To raise $140,000 in donations, grants, by fundraising events.

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The Prince Philip Playground project is committed to raising funds ($140,000) for the construction of a barrier free, wheel chair accessible playground that will serve our school and community. Our goal is to provide an inclusive play environment for all children regardless of their abilities. Specifically, meeting the needs of the students with autism at our school.
The rubberized surfacing as ground cover will not only allow wheelchairs to access the structure easily and safely, but also reduce the severity of most injuries. 
Presently Prince Philip School houses a junior and senior autism class.  The children with autism in our school make up 24% of the school’s population. The new playground will feature equipment that will help meet the sensory and developmental needs of these children.  Not only students at Prince Philip School, but the surrounding community, and general public will benefit from our project.


How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: All of the grant will be used for purchasing playground equipment, benches, picnic table, and lighting for the playground.
$ 25,000 To purchase playground equipment

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