Myriam Grenier et Mélanie Gélinas pour Adaptagrimpe

Climbing project adapted to handicaped.Myriam Grenier et Mélanie Gélinas pour Adaptagrimpe


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  • To succeed in the participant's rehabilitation
  • To boost self esteem and trust in one's own capabilities
  • Encourage social integration and provide recreactional activities to clients


We want to provide activities and teaching in basic climbing (toproping) on an artificial indoor wall adapted to clients with special needs; any person with light physical or intellectual limitations. We want this activity to be affordable and we want to provide it to more people, regardless of their economical situation.

Targeted clients:
- Members of the Foundation of the War Amputated
- Members of the Institute of the Readaptation of Physical Deficiency of Quebec
- Members of the Adaptavie Day Center
- Members of the Patro Roc-Amadour Community Center

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Nothing, to our knowledge, at this moment
$ 600 Advertising and promotional items.
$ 700 Special activities and outings with the group.
$ 200 Insurance and registration as self-employed workers
$ 300 Reduce clients' participation costs

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