The 2011 Psycolloque at the Université de MontréalPsycolloque 2011


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  • Inform psychology students.
  • Increase the open-mindedness of students on psychology.
  • Get the psychology students of Canada to know each other.
  • Improve academic training of psychology students.


The Psycolloque brings together several students from many universities across Quebec and its surroundings. During the stay, experts will talk about the different areas of the stydy of psychology. The event enhances the knowledge of the students labout topics of interest and it allows them to mix with students from other universities. We’re very lucky to host the psycolloque 2011 here in Montreal, our city, and to have more than 800 students discover our University. The project is aimed at improving access to education by funding the costs of stays that increase every year.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: $5000 Theme nights (rental of premises,DJ, security, decorations, etc.) $1000 for the speaker $6000 hotel security $8000 Psycolloque Tshirts for the participants
$ 20,500 Participants hotel accommodation +meals
$ 1,500 Transportation
$ 3,000 Conference rooms and audio-visual equipment rental.

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