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  • 50,000 individual hits to the “Who am I?” portrait series
  • 5,000 portraits presented on the cross-cultural map website
  • 25,000 members at least in the Facebook group

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“Who am I?” is a Web project aiming to showcase both what unites us all on a universal level and what makes us different. The project was sparked by an on-going discussion on the subject of cross-culturalism in Quebec between members of the Facebook group: "Ici on est au Québec, et on y reste pour bâtir une société ouverte et colorée" (We’re in Quebec and here to stay, for an open and colourful society”). Further, personal biases and preconceived ideas are put to the test when brought face to face in a playful encounter with a Web series of interactive portraits. Lastly, the “Who am I?” project gives participants the opportunity to contribute to this cross-cultural mapping of Quebec by adding their own portraits and encouraging friends to do the same.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 Shooting, post-production, website, and communications

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