make a "big splash" in the construction of our new swimming pool.Radville-Laurier Regional Park


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  • To create a place for kids to hang and have fun
  • For patrons to learn how to swim
  • have nore recreation sectors in our small town

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For many years, the Radville Swimming Pool has been a place to “cool off” and have fun in the heat of the summer.   Several surrounding communities have come to enjoy the use of the pool for leisure, recreation and swimming lessons.  

Our proposed project does not only involve the physical construction of a new swimming pool, but more importantly, it will provide increased programming opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, swimming / fitness levels, and socio-economic statuses.

Healthy lifestyles are developed early in life and a swimming pool is the perfect venue for youth to engage in physical activity and social interaction.  Sporting facilities, and more specifically in our community, the recreation centre and swimming pool, are the hub of the community.  Simply stated, our community and surrounding areas, would be “lost” without a swimming pool.

Community Benefit

•Sustaining aquatic recreation services in Radville •Strengthening the recreation sector in Radville Reducing energy & operating costs, thus enabling reduced costs to users •Building strong families & healthy communities •Promoting physical activity •Providing employment for local residents, more specifically youth •Servicing the tourist sector •Providing swimming lessons- a necessary life skill •Creating a better quality of life for people with disabilities or disadvantaged individuals •Expanding aquatic programs and sport opportunities to include all individuals •Enabling all individuals to use the facilities, by including zero beach entry •Providing a venue for new families to create friendships •Enhancing community identity & pride •Increasing the attractiveness of the community & injecting enthusiasm •Helping to ease pressure on families for childcare •Attracting and/or retaining facility users •Increasing safety for patrons

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The construction of a new pool in Radville will cost aprroximately $800,000. The $100,000 will help with demolition of the existing pool, and help build a new facility.
$ 100,000 To help in the construction of a new pool

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