purchase and develop land for an animal shelter in northern BC.Northwest Animal Shelter Society


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  • Purchase and develop land to be used for an animal shelter
  • Move our portable shelter to the land and help animals now!

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The Northwest Animal Shelter Society's goal has been to build an animal shelter to assist animals in our area.  We are located in north central BC, where there are few services offered for animals, and our climate is often harsh - abandoned animals can lead a short and cruel life.

The main stumbling block to having a shelter has been obtaining the necessary funds to operate a shelter, not necessarily constructing it.  Recently we were awarded the pound contract for a local community, giving us a secure funding stream to help offset any operating costs (medical, food, utilities, etc).

In order for us to retain this contract, it is imperative that we purchase land and relocate our portable shelter to within 10 km of the town boundary in the near future.

Once we have relocated in compliance with the contract, we will then continue to work towards constructing a more permanent facility that will better serve the community we live in.

Community Benefit

The benefits we humans derive from our association with animals is well documented - they provide us with love and companionship, security and protection, assistance to hearing or visually challenged people, and much more. Our shelter will provide a safe place for these animals until their forever home can be found. We will also assist people who, for whatever reason, can no longer keep their pets. Our shelter will also provide employment, and will become a focal point in our community from which we can run programs to educate the population on animal care, and the importance of spaying and neutering pets to curb pet overpopulation. The proximity to the main centre in the area will also allow more volunteers to work with animals. We have many requests from people wanting to help the animals, but find it difficult to comply as we do most of our work through foster homes. The ability to volunteer and help those most vulnerable in society makes us a more compassionate community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the construction costs of a permanent facility. We currently have 2 portable buildings that can be relocated to the property to serve as a temporary shelter. We also have chain link fencing and kennels.
$ 75,000 Purchase land
$ 20,000 Develop land - hydro, water, septic, etc
$ 5,000 Transport portable shelter buildings

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