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  • To Build a Portal Stage



Over the last number of years the board of Directors has realized that there is a need for a portable stage in the area.   This stage would be used at Rocking the Fields Concert every year, and then made available to the surrounding area for the remainder of the year.  RFM is working with a local company out of Brandon Manitoba to build the stage.  Sperling Industries.   The stage would be a 50 foot by 60 foot stage with a roof.  RFM has the support of a number of local business and community people.  The creation of the stage will move RFM to the next level where we can move to hiring bigger name bands and would enjoy more people coming to the event every year.  Plus the stage would be a huge assist to the community and surrounding area.  We have other venues that have expressed interest in using the stage once built.  


Community Benefit

Rockin the Fields brings thousands of people to Minnedosa and area every year. The RFM Board relies on over 250 volunteers from the community and surrounding area to donate over 5000 hours to plan and prepare for the concert. In return, the service clubs of Minnedosa in the last six years have received over $100,000.00 in donations from Rockin’ the Fields. This money has been used by the service clubs to help build and support many projects in the Minnedosa area. The concert has become one of the main fundraiser for the area. The concert has people attending the concert from all across western Canada and the Northern United States. The concert truly has put Minnedosa on the map.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The total cost of the stage will be around $250,000.00 Which RFM and sponsors will cover the cost of.
$ 100,000 Building of Stage

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