Implement a High Volume Spay/Neuter Service at the THSThe Toronto Humane Society


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  • Establish a High Volume Spay and Neuter Service
  • Offer low cost spay/neuter to low-medium income communities
  • Offer free feral spay/neuter services through our TNR program
  • Educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership
  • Decrease the overwhelming cat overpopulation in Toronto

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The Toronto Humane Society will renovate an area of the current building to
establish a high volume, low cost Spay and Neuter Service for low and medium income communities in Toronto. The clinic will be operated under the Humane Alliance model, sterilizing up to 25 animals per day, 6 days per week.  The clinic will operate on a not-for-profit basis and will become self-funding within 6-9 months post implementation. The clinic will also be used to expand our Trap Neuter Return program which offers free feral spay services to colony caretakers performing TNR. There is a critical need for this project as there are an estimated 100 000 feral/homeless cats in the GTA.

Key Deliverables:

1. A 1500 sq ft, self contained spay and neuter clinic.
2. Conduct ~25 low cost spay / neuters on owned animals, per day
3. Focus on low and medium income communities 
4. Provide free feral spay services
5. Provide useful pet care information and education 

Community Benefit

The community will benefit directly from this project as more and more animals are sterilized through a concerted and dedicated project. This will ensure that the THS is able to reduce the number of stray and homless animals that roam the streets of our city. The clinic will also play a significant role in placing humane education foremost in our community. To maximize the benefits of this clinic, it will also be utilized during off hours (sundays and evenings) to sterilize feral cats through our volunteer driven TNR program. This program is a community wide effort which includes many local rescue groups working together to improve the welfare of Toronto's homeless cats.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Salaries for staff during the start-up phase, consumables and associated supplies, specialised equipment, additional building and renovation costs, staff training.
$ 50,000 Equipment
$ 50,000 Building and Renovations

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