build an Animal Healthcare Centre for our community’s FREE zoo. Riverview Park & Zoo - Peterborough, ON


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  • Provide treatment, preventative, & special care for all our animals.
  • Build surgery, treatment, quarantine, record keeping areas & holdings.
  • Maintain our accreditation and with CAZA.
  • Allow the public to continue to learn from healthy, lively animals.
  • Provide improved recreational opportunities for our visitors.

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Project Summary:
Currently, the animal care staff at Riverview treat small animal species in a limited, multi-use space. Large mammal species are too big to be treated in this small area and must be examined in their exhibits or outside holdings where it can be challenging to provide sterile, quiet, secluded, and well-lit conditions.

To provide the best medical treatment possible for all of our animals, we would like to build a healthcare centre with a proper surgery area, indoor holdings, protected access to outdoors, and a quarantine area to accommodate animals of all sizes.

Pepsi Refresh grant money would allow us to reach our goal of raising 100% of funds through donations and fundraising!

- Construction of a centre that allows us to provide treatment to the smallest turtle up to the largest camel.
- Purchase / installation of medical equipment, tools, cages & apparatus.
- An additional $400,000 in funds raised by us through public donations and fundraising.

Community Benefit

We are a well-respected, FREE community zoo that strives to provide the citizens of our community with an outstanding recreational and educational facility located in a park setting. We focus on creating an environment suitable for conservation and preservation of wildlife and parkland. Members of our community will benefit by being able to visit and learn, regardless of their economic background, from a respected zoo that provides excellent animal care. Our animals will benefit by receiving healthcare treatment in a facility that provides special care through proper surgery, treatment, recovery, and quarantine areas. The zoo community will benefit from raising the standard for the level of animal care provided in small zoos across Canada.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The above budget does not include building design or construction costs for the facility. $400,000 in funds raised through public donations from individuals in our community will be allocated for the building design and construction of the Animal Healthcare Centre.
$ 4,000 Dental Sink
$ 4,000 Floor Surgical Lighting
$ 5,000 Surgical Table
$ 6,000 Moveable Bank of Cages
$ 10,000 Developing Tanks
$ 17,000 Animal Holding Caging & Shifts
$ 54,000 Digital X-ray Machine

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