Rain water HarvestingKarthic Kumar S Ramakanthan


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Cycle 1


  • All House Shoud Do rain water harvesting
  • All Local Community House should do Rain water harvesting
  • Major Cities & Industried should Do this
  • Earth should not get Dry
  • Natural water Should be Stored inside the earth



The "Rain water Harvesting" Project is about saving the earth from getting dried due to Industries & Some Small Water Related Small Business people Sucking water From the earth,which makes less water available inside.Using Rain water harvesting we can collect the rain water get into the earth directly by having some level of tank or level of rocks putted on top of it.Harvesting systems reduce erosion, property flooding and contamination by capturing the majority of urban runoff from a house.This is a awareness bring to people for the Future world wont have problem getting fresh water.If needed people can also store that water for gardening,planting,etc.

Aim:To Make Freshwater availabilty More

Major Cities Should Start this Project so that they can widely spread all over the country including small communities.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Computer with needed software will be used for developing the project Few Another Models will be Created For Public & Community Development.
$ 2,000 Small Model To show how the Process is going to be
$ 1,000 Camera & Video making
$ 3,500 Real House Using This Project
$ 4,000 For Getting a small group of people to work on helping me

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