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  • Make a positive impact for both the youth and society
  • Step 1-Fundraise in order to raise money
  • Step 2-Marketing our idea to gain the attention the community
  • Step 3-Acquire resources such as books, cds, videos, equipment, etc
  • Step 4-Give back to the youth of our generation!

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Socio-Economic factors ranging from poverty to their neighbourhood, influence the youth decision’s to commit an act of negligence.Because their needs are not fulfilled, these youth suffer from physiological and psychological deficiencies. When their needs are met then they can change. Education is any powerful act or experience that has a profound effect on one’s abilities. By providing an enhanced opportunity for the youth to learn, we give them a chance to change their lives. Effective learning would enable them to improve their social skills and develop techniques and strategies. Programs with meaningful contexts will recognize the different learning needs of each and every youth. Providing them with a wide variety of resources will improve their ability to make decisions. A better education is the remedy to socio-economic distress. There is always an opportunity to make a positive impact and change when dealing with youth.

Community Benefit

Studies have shown that troubled youth, who attend educational programs, are less likely to re-offend. We believe that the right kind of educational programs lead to less violence within the society. The learning programs they engage in will ultimately reinforce and reconstruct their attitudes and emotions. The educational skills and experience that they gain, may give them opportunities for employment. Therefore, employment opportunities would shift them towards a path away from criminal activity and violence. And one day these youth may even return to their communities as law-abiding and contributing citizens of society.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteers- People who are willing to help can take part and if available. Posters-hand made.
$ 1,000 Marketing
$ 3,500 Fundrasing
$ 500 consultant

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