Build an Eco-friendly vehicle with H2O as the only by-product.Fiona Marlow


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  • Build a vehical that runs on H2O


Since global warming is an international concern, we must find ways to reduce our Green house gas emissions. Carbon dioxide is the most abundant harmful emission in the atmosphere. A large portion of these emissions come from gas powered vehicles. Although they may seem eco-friendly, electric cars cause pollution since the energy needed to charge the car is likely to originate from polluting power plants where non-renewable energy sources are exploited. The goal of my project is to build a vehicle that will not rely on any non-renewable energy sources. The vehicle will have similar technology to electric cars; however a fuel cell system will be installed to power the vehicle, through the process of reverse electrolysis, which sends 2 electrons for every H2O molecule reformed. Solar panels will also be installed for the electrolysis of water so the fuel cell can be supplied with molecular Hydrogen. The by-product of the process is water.



Community Benefit

My project will demonstrate the ease associated with useing fuels that are clean, so that we can reduce emmissions and cause less Global Warming.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: taxes, shipping, handeling, and extra fees along with motor costs are not included.
$ 1,030 H-100 PEM Fuel Cell System
$ 1,300 Electrolyzer 230
$ 1,000 batteries
$ 1,000 solar panels
$ 670 extra wires

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