Finance a Roller Derby league in Quebec CityRoller Derby Québec


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  • Promote the development of an emerging sport in Quebec city
  • Promote physical activity for women over 18
  • Be the first francophone roller derby league in Eastern Canada

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The "Roller Derby Quebec" league aims primarily to organize local games and to introduce a new sport to the city of Quebec.

To realize this plan, we must be able to rent an arena for the summer period covering May through August. We also want to initiate many recruitment activities in order to form the league with two local teams. Once this objective is achieved, we want to be able to pay for the purchase of both teams' uniforms as well as the advertising expenses to promote our league on a larger scale.


Community Benefit

The "Roller Derby Quebec" league seeks to publicize an emerging sport in Quebec City. Highly theatrical in the past, the Roller Derby has evolved to become a sport combining agility, physical strength, speed, and body contact. By promoting this sport, we aim to capture the interest of many women of different backgrounds to engage in an out of the ordinary physical activity. We also want to bring an alternative means of entertainment to the entire community of Quebec, by organizing inter-league games and games with leagues located mainly in Eastern Canada.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 3,500 Arena rental Fees for summer (security, place, etc. ..)
$ 3,000 Travel expenses to play outside the province
$ 800 Financing for the purchase of team uniforms
$ 2,700 Savings for next season

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