Rescue dogs from high kill shelters and dogs with special needsBrooke Dumouchelle


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  • take in dogs that are 'on death row' in high kill shelters
  • take in dogs with medical issues that make them 'unadoptable'
  • take in dogs with behaviour issues that make them 'unadoptable'
  • take in any dog that may be euthanized and make them adoptable


The "Roxie's Legacy" Project will focus on rescuing the dogs that are in the most need. It will rely on the help of fosters to help house the dogs while they find their forever homes. There are a number of shelters who either do not adopt out dogs that come into their care or who fill up faster than they can adopt out and have no choice but euthanize very adoptable dogs when they run out of space. This rescue will also take in dogs with behaviour or medical issues that make them unadoptable in the shelter they are in and who would otherwise be euthanized. The idea is to help those that are in the most need and who otherwise wouldn't have a second chance.
Dogs with behaviour issues will be housed at the main foster home while receiving behaviour modification and training. All dogs will be fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. As well as the option for free/discounted training post adoption. Home visits will be done on every potential adopter

Community Benefit

The community would benefit by feeling good about rescuing a dog who otherwise would not be here. They will also benefit by having us a resource in the event that things are not going as well as they would like in the home and have a means to work with and hopefully keep their adopted pet. They will have the comfort of knowing that dogs coming from this project are healthy and behaviourally sound. It will make them more comfortable choosing adoption over going to a breeder or looking in the classifieds.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: On going care for the animals. This budget is to get the rescue up and running.
$ 500 legalities to make rescue non profit oraganization
$ 5,000 housing for the dogs at the main foster site
$ 500 to be used toward advertising and other necessities for fundraising
$ 1,000 initial supplies (food, crates, toys, etc) to get started
$ 3,000 medical care to get started

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