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  • Humanely Reduce Over Population, Educate, Assist Low Income Families

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Low Income Spay/Neuter will humanely reduce the population of cats in our communities. We will use the opportunity to educate on responsible pet ownership, importance of altering and ongoing medical care, vaccinating to prevent spread of disease, supplying adequate food/water, the affects of abuse/neglect and the dangers of allowing your pet to roam. We will offer families who participate long term support to help them provide quality living for their pets. 

Education in this program is very important. We want to break the cycle and decrease the numbers of cats who are left to suffer or be destroyed because of lack of knowledge, resources or value for cats. 

Spaying/Neutering our rescue cats not only stops the problem where it started with reproduction but will help rehabilitate those with behaviour issues, spraying/territorial problems so they can be successfully adopted.

Community Benefit

The low income spay/neuter program will help reduce the number of stray cats in neighbourhoods due to reproduction of owned cats. This will also help relieve male cats from spraying on your property to mark their territory, stop them from wondering to dig in your garbage and do their business in your flower bed. Benefits for the low income families who participate include making it easier to keep the cats indoors as they will not wonder to find a mate, relieve spraying and stop reproduction. Majority of our rescue's come from the streets. Whether they were picked up by animal control, kittens from feral colonies that are domesticated by our foster homes or a call from a worried neighbourhood resident who asked us to help, the reality is these cats could be living in your back yard next. By us rescuing, finding loving homes and altering to stop reproduction we reduce the population of strays. Educating on responsible pet ownership will help solve these issues before they begin.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The funds would not be used for supplies such as toys, litter, food etc. We have community residents who graciously donate to help us provide quality living for the animals in our care. We also do small fundraising events to make up costs for medical treatments and supplies.
$ 3,000 Low Income Spay/Neuter Program
$ 5,000 Spay/Neuter Rescue Kitty's
$ 2,000 Other Medical Treatments Required

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