Start a 5K race to promote running/active living in young Canadians!Shiraz Mawani


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  • Promote awareness of the obesity problem within Ottawa
  • Create a race to raise funds towards helping healthy active living


The 'Run For The Future' project brings the international problem of childhood obesity to the forefront and addresses the issue through the promotion of a healthy active lifestyle. The event will bring together youth from the Ottawa region to participate in either a 2Km walk/run or a 5Km walk/run. There will be several talks and lectures pre/post run to discuss several ways to set goals, the benefits of running/walking, and other informative broadcasts relating to obesity and how more of these local events all over can help get kids more active and involved with their communities.

- 1 running event with 200+ participants 
- Local newspaper mentions
- Sponsors/donations to help promote/fund event costs
- 5+ guest speakers to talk with the event participants 

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget is not covering the water station costs, any other food concessions, nor any donation amounts. Pledges/Sponsors/Donations will be used to cover the additional costs that will arise.
$ 100 Purchase Race Bibs
$ 2,000 Race Permits
$ 2,000 Guest Speakers
$ 400 Banners/Advertising
$ 500 Shirts/Prizes

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