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The Samaritan, a food bank that helps those living in a precarious financial situation. In 2008, we had an average of 558 help-outs per month. In 2010, we identified 920 food aid interventions.

We are confronted with the lack of space to store cans lying on the shelves ...The electrical system and the space can no longer take on new household appliances ...

Here are our needs:

- Access for people with reduced mobility                                                  - Waiting room (other than standing up outside).                                      - Offices                                                                                                 - Cold room                                                                                            - Pantry                                                                                                 - Place for storage                                                                                   - Room for volunteers

The need for a move is growing, too.

My vision is great, but without outside help, I cannot do it.



Community Benefit

Eating is a vital need. When it is neglected by lack of money, the impacts can vary from one person to another, but very often generate other problems. The Samaritan is there to alleviate the suffering created by this gap, by providing them with dietary assistance to help them out of this situation.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 75,000 Moving
$ 25,000 Continuing our mission (procurement, transport food and other ...)

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