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Overview is a unique online magazine that covers the good deeds and efforts of Samaritans: individuals, charities,  small businesses and corporations. We have covered everyone from a fashion designer who started a line of clothing for women in wheel chairs to a lady who opened a sanctuary for 800 parrots, a jeweller with a line of F-cancer sterling silver bracelets to The Bryan Adams Foundation, rapper Drake's donation of $30,000 to a school in Jamaica and Sarah McLachlan's local charity angle for Lilith. All the content is original and written by professional journalists or delivered as first-person accounts. Sick of tabloid news, we have fun taglines that change on a daily basis: ie "We Care...but we don't care what Lindsay Lohan is eating in jail." Samaritans know there are more important things going on in the world: poverty, education, global warming, HIV/AIDS, cancer, childhood obesity, war and aims to cover them.


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$ 25,000 Pay the professional writers, advertise, web upgrades, promote site

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