Make Renewable Energy accessible to everyone.Clean Sustainable Future Brian Johnston


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  • To protect the environment and resources for future generations
  • To gain people awareness of the importance or a sustainable future

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My initial idea was to start a Renewable Energy (R.E) company that deals with installs and the end user.After much research I realized that the companies that existed and the ones that had already failed had trouble sourcing solar panels etc. Where I come in is to bridge the gap between the retailers and the suppliers and allow new and existing R.E companies ease of access to products.If I can help these companies run smoother and thrive I can do my part on creating a sustainable future.

The province of Ontario as of right now has a program called "Feed in tariffs" which means that anyone who installs a power producing system like Solar or wind can sell the power back to the power co. at a set rate.This is a model for the world in R.Es and our future.Other Canadian provinces and here in Sask. have a form of this but not on the same levelAs all of Canada moves towards "Feed in tariffs" the amount of new start up will be staggering.And I will be there to help make it happen.

Community Benefit

Living in a sustainable world has many benefits. 1. Our future generations will live with peace of mind. 2. Cleaner air, Rivers and soil = better health 3. Less mining and drilling = less habitat/environmental destruction. 4. More power generation allows other sustainable industries to move forward such as electric transportation. 5. New industry and new job creation. 6. We can maintain our quality of life while looking out for our future and the planet's future

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: May still need additional funding from other sources.
$ 45,000 Secure warhroue space
$ 20,000 warehouse essentials (racking, equipment etc.)
$ 30,000 Purchase initial inventory
$ 5,000 Payroll and misc. expenses

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